Lake Region Oil
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About Us

Wenger Excavating early headquarters

Our Operations

Lake Region Oil Inc. has drilled and completed over 335 oil and gas wells in, Holmes, Wayne, Stark, Medina, Knox, Coshocton, Tuscarawas, Mahoning, and Columbiana Counties in eastern Ohio. Although Lake Region Oil has always contracted drilling and completion operations, they established a reputation as a careful and reliable operator by building and reclaiming their own well sites, working carefully with the landowner to meet the desired specifications of landowners who were primarily farmers. Lake Region Oil Inc. also maintains its own field production staff to closely monitor production on a regular basis.

The excavating company realized from the beginning that four things were important to achieve its dreams: a source of operating capital to feed the growing business, good people to do the work, affordable and reliable equipment, and dedication to family.

Our History

Lake Region Oil was established in 1979 during a recession in the economy brought about by high oil costs and high interest rates. It was because of these factors that Howard Wenger sought investing partners who would share in the risk of drilling for oil and gas in Ohio. Lake Region Oil drilled productive wells in those early days resulting in the founding of a successful oil and gas production company. Lake Region Oil’s production staff monitors their wells on a regular basis to achieve maximum production. Lake Region Oil Inc. owns and operates over 335 wells throughout Wayne, Holmes, Coshocton, Knox, Stark, Tuscarawas, Medina, Columbiana, and Mahoning counties. The profitability of oil and gas production in Ohio is affected almost daily by the price on world commodity markets. For this reason, Lake Region Oil now drills fewer wells per year but spends considerable time and money in research to find profitable formations. The most recent successes have come in development of wells in the Rose Run formation.

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